Primary Resource

One of the primary resources that I will be using for my research is the personal manuscript from Major General H.D. Russell, a member of the U.S. Army Pearl Harbor Review Board.  General Russell dictated his recollection between 1944 and 1946, the two years following completion of the Review Boards investigation and conclusions.  General Russell relays the facts of the investigation in chronological order.  Having gained first-hand knowledge of the investigation, General Russell puts forth a strong argument in the defense of General Short, and is very critical of General George Marshall. 

I think that some of the limitations in using this source are:  the review board used the evidence that the Roberts Commission collected 5 years prior, General Russell has a background in the law, so his take on some issues might differ from someone without a legal background,  There was a concerted effort by the War Department to control the investigation and I don’t know yet whether they were successful.  Other sources that I’m planning on using are the Roberts Commission report, newspaper articles of the time period, and Admiral Kimmel’s book.

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  1. historyjustin says:

    Have you uncovered any interesting facts about Pearl Harbor? Was the wrong man really blamed for the success of the attack?