When taking  notes in class, I try to organize the notes in somewhat of an outline format, using the main talking points as headings and the discussions of these points as subheadings.  When doing research, I think that my method is rather cumbersome but effective for me.  I usually sketch out a rough outline of the paper I’m trying to write, then look for pertinant data.  Once I have it, I usually include all of the bibliographic info right in the outline, making sure to put it parantheses or bold the data.  Then, when I’m ready to write the report, I have the information right there to footnote. 

3 Responses to “Notetaking”

  1. amandashumaker says:

    It sounds like you really have your organization down! I often feel like I have my information somewhat categorized, but not necessarily structured into a framework. An outline is a good idea– I think I’ll try it 🙂